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Here is an overview of the 1998 summer trip from and back to Tucson.

My Wanderlodge trip took me from Tucson to Palm Desert (next to Palm Springs, CA), on over to Interstate 5 up the center of California. The drive through Mount Shasta and around Lake Shasta is one of the most spectacular I have ever seen. Tough driving a bus through those mountains in May -- I would hate to have that job when the roads are snow covered -- very steep hills.

From northern California I proceeded to the Coburg (Eugene) Oregon area to visit Marathon Coach the bus converters. Huge operation and very fine craftsmanship.   Marathon is easily accessible from the Interstate Highway and there's a truck stop, campground and restaurant within walking distance.

From Eugene I drove to Jantzen Beach. That’s in the Portland Oregon area where I visited with a friend who owns a chain of grommet Pizza restaurants called Pizzicato. When he told me about the food there, I really didn't believe it could be as good as it is. Everything, every ingredient is the finest available and prepared to perfection. You will never have Pizza like this anywhere but at Pizzicato. If you're in the area -- I highly recommend giving one of their nine stores a try.

On to Seattle, but it rained, rained, rained, and all I had was the Harley with me for side trips so I didn't see Seattle. Tough driving over the mountain headed for Spokane, but once over the mountain the weather cleared and was great for most of the drive to New England.

Driving through northern Idaho I came around a corner to begin a decent down the mountainside and there before me was a most beautiful sight of a lake with a bridge across it. The lake and town are named Coeur d' Alene, Idaho. Unbelievable awe inspiring beauty. I'll spend some time there next summer.

The drive across Montana was very scenic, but don't leave the main Interstate highway for short cuts. I tried that and the percent climb and decent on terrible winter deteriorated roads was awful and at times I thought I wouldn't make it. There's no daytime speed limit on main highways in Montana (no sales tax either). Surprisingly, people don't travel any faster than elsewhere. I camped at several parks for an overnight stay, but stopped in Billings for three nights at the first built KOA, right on the Yellowstone River.

From there to South Dakota and Mount Rushmore. During my drive through that state I stopped at the world famous Walt's drugstore (largest), and at an auto museum. There was a mint antique Diamond T pickup truck that I would have died for. I have never seen one before and didn't know they ever made pickups.

Not much happened or was to be seen until I visited the Henry Ford museum in Dearborn. This is not a museum about just cars; it's about everything. The grounds "Greenfield Village" contain Thomas Edison's complete laboratory, the Firestone Farm and several other historic settings. This is a "must see" place.

Last stop before New England was Gettysburg, PA to visit with Gordon and Lindy Ransom at the Drummer Boy campground. Gordon was nice enough to give me a personal tour of the battlegrounds. Very historic and very sad, what happened there.

Upon arriving in Massachusetts, I stayed in Sturbridge next to Old Sturbridge Village. While in the area, I traded in the Harley and bought a RAV4.  I visited one of my favorite places in Worcester (PHOTO), Coney Island.  From there to Newport RI for ten days and then to Cape Cod for six weeks where I joined the local gym and worked out hard. Cape Cod is a very unique place and Falmouth (PHOTO), and Hyannis as well as Mashpee are fun to visit and shop in.

After leaving Cape Cod I went back to Newport  PHOTO,  for two weeks then down to Atlanta to visit a nephew and his family, and back across the country to Tucson.

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