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February 9th, 2011
While on our recent RV trip to Tucson and back, we changed to a commercial dog food. Natural Balance 'tube' lamb and rice.  Affie was acting very weirdly - just sitting and staring and unable to sleep. He was drinking and peeing constantly - like every 15 minutes for a couple of hours after he ate.  He seemed to have a mental problem and couldn't control when he peed. (He was peeing while walking.)  A careful inspection of the food label showed that it contained sugar as the third ingredient, and contained salt.
I took hm off that and put him on the canned version that had no sugar and he stopped acting weird and cut way back on water intake.  When we got home I put him back on home cooked food with no salt or sugar and he is completely normal again in all aspects.
My conclusion: stay away from sugary pet food and do not feed your dog salt in his regular diet. They don't need it.
More Recalls: June 2010   Pet food and supplies recall
9/7/2009  Please go to this site that rates dog food.

If your pet has allergies, rash, itching - it could be the Flax seed in it food.


if you love your pet!

I'm really upset!  The other day while standing at the cashier in the grocery store, I overheard a woman bragging about how great the dog food she was buying was. She said her dog loved it. Well it was junk and she didn't have a clue. Apparently, she was giving the dog some other junk that didn't taste as good previously, but just because the dog likes it doesn't mean it's good for them. Your kids like sugar coated cereal, but if that's all they ate they would die of nutrition deficiency.
Look folks there is a very easy way to tell if you are giving your dog good healthy food or not.
Don't buy any pet food from any grocery store or discount store. If it's being sold in stores like Wal-Mart, Sam's, Target, Publics, Albertsons, WinnDixie, etc. it's not good food. Yes people, I mean all the famous brands you recognize - are little more than trash in a package with little nourishment.
If the first 3 or 4 ingredients listed on the package aren't meat or meat or fish meal - don't buy it. Animals need huge amounts of protein compare to humans and protein must make up the majority of the contents of the package.
If it contains corn, white rice, or barley at all - don't buy it. Corn is of absolutely no value to a dog and the barley is leftover trash from making alcohol. This junk is nothing but filler to make it look like your getting something for your money. 
If it mentions any kind of by-product don't buy it. Never feed your pet by-products.
Good pet food will state plainly on the label - "Human Grade Food" - "No by-products" - "No fillers".
Go to an animal feed store and buy something like "Orijen" or "Chicken Soup brand". Flint River brand is available on the Internet and is good dog food, if your pet will eat dry food.  Most good dog food is available on the Internet and they will set up automatic shipments for you delivered to your door. TimberWolf Organics looks good, but I've never tried it.  As more and more people become aware of the need for healthy dog food there are more companies making it.  I'm sure you can find others, but please do your homework research, and don't trust your vet to tell you the brand he sells is best - he wants to make money. 'Science Diet' is not very good pet food.
Fact is: good healthy pet food is not available in grocery or discount stores because it's too expensive for them to make their huge profit margins on it.
Further: all the dog food recalls were store-bought brands.  Most are made by the same huge company Menu Food (Wikipedia link) under different labels. Menu Foods (law suit link) was the one using made in China contaminated ingredients.
All that said; I cook for my dogs every week. The same foods as we eat mixed in proportion that's good for them. I add the important Omega oils etc., and give them a vitamin every morning. Every day they get home cooked fresh sliced meat for treats and/or snacks. They eat a normal meal twice a day with an in between snack at noon and a good size snack at bedtime. Nobody should go to bed hungry!

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