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So you think your a good and loving pet owner! Let's see!

Do you use carcinogens around the house and lawn where your pet walks?  Floor cleaners (all kinds), carpet cleaners (carpet cleaner people use detergents that don't get rinsed away - they stay in the carpet), insect poisons, lawn and garden fertilizer, lawn and garden insect killers, and so on are all carcinogens your pet walks through that get on their feet - dogs and cats lick their feet and eventually they get cancer and die, and you killed them with your thought-less use of chemicals.  Now if that isn't something to make you think - how about babies crawling around in a detergent laden carpet or a chemical laden lawn?

Rethink your use of chemicals in and around the house.  Much of your cleaning can be done with plain water.  If you must use chemicals - rinse them thoroughly.  If you use anything on your lawn, read the cautions on the product container, then flush the area with lots of water before letting your pet walk on it.  Weed killers seem to attract dogs (odor) and are poison to them.  Read the caution label!

Be thoughtful and keep these points in mind when using anything that could be harmful wherever your pet might visit.


There are several foods that you should NEVER feed your dog as they can and will kill it. Here’s the link to that list.


Woman Dies On Highway Trying To Rescue Dog

Posted: 16 Sep 2007 07:59 AM CDT
A Georgia woman died while was rescuing her dog, Shadow.
Authorities believes that Ellena Hudgins was driving on a South Carolina highway late at night and pulled over to the emergency lane to let Shadow, a coal-colored pug, to relieve himself and to close the top of her convertible car. Shadow jumped out of the car, and Hudgins followed him.
She ran across a couple of highway lanes, retrieved her dog and proceeded to go back to her car when she was hit by a SUV. She was also hit by two other cars and an 18-wheeler. The coroner said she died at the scene.
Shadow sustained an injured chin and a dislocated hip after he was flung to the pavement.
Hudgins’s husband was extremely upset when he heard the news about his wife and saw the dog’s injuries. He was reminded of how he always told his wife to put the dog on a leash. “If Ellena had just listened to me, that could have been prevented and she would be alive,” he said.
The incident spread among South Carolina residents and they donated enough money to pay for Shadow’s surgery. Mr. Hudgins said he was extremely touched by the generous gesture.
He spoke of his wife and her relationship with her dog. He said that he was always in her lap and followed her everywhere which is why he named him Shadow. His wife and Shadow would fall asleep together on the sofa watching television.
Mr. Hudgins said that he thinks his wife, who suffered from bipolar and other disorders, became lost and disoriented when she was driving back from taking Shadow to the vet. She was about 100 miles away from home when the incident occurred.


"People who let their dogs and cats have litters in order to show their children the 'miracle of birth', should come back to witness the 'miracle of death' performed in the back rooms of animal shelters all over the country." Phyllis Wright, Humane Society of the United States
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