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Oxford High School Class of '58 - 50th Reunion
Here are the names by row Class of 1958 50th reunion - courtesy of Fred Schofield
Back row, left to right, Mary Ann (Winkler) Burbank, Fred Schofield, Audrey (Gustafson) Wright, Joan (Moore) McCabe, Dorothy (Deveau) Hines, Thomas Flagg, Carol (Bedard) Butler, Richard Putnam, Olney White, Robert Nickerson, Phillip Bennett
Next row, left to right, John Hamilton, Linda (Drake) Flagg, Judy (Lyman) Moscoffian, Jane (Wheeler) Austin, Svea (MacMillan) Johnson, Jacqueline (Denoncour) Knowles, Carol (Grenon) Hayes, Charles Russell), Robert Fifield, Marion (Seale) Putnam,
next row, left to right, Joan (Ferreira) Gero, Aline (Surprenant) Krasinskas, Elizabeth (Cortis) Caplette, Joan (Clark) Benz, Beverly (Balderson) Lord,
Front row left to right  David Larocque, Louis Rodier, Brian Butler, Paul George, Bradford Moir   

Special thanks to the Reunion committee: Fred Schofield, Carol (Bedard) Butler, Joan (Ferriera) Gero, Jackie (Daley) Young, Olney White, Jack Hamilton, Carol (Grenon) Hayes and Betty (Cortis) Caplette).  
(Regretfully, I didn't attend the reunion)


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