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Black Bear Campground RV Park, Salisbury Massachusetts


In my opinion it would be best to stay away from this place.

I made a reservation at this Black Bear Campground on June 8th 2000.  I gave them a credit card number over the phone for a deposit, but was charged the full amount and was never told about a NO REFUND policy.

When I arrived at the campsite on July 10th, I was amazed.  I had requested an open site lot (absolutely no trees around) and was assured by Nancy when I signed in that it was.  When I got to the site it had trees all around and a huge pine tree hanging over the top of the motor coach.  I approached the office and asked to be moved.   I was told the owner would have to approve a move, but was away and would be back any minute (we were assured that something would be done).  After an hour we again approached the office, and again we were assured “no problem” but the owner wasn’t back yet to approve the move.  After another hour I again went to the front office and requested to be moved to one of the adjoining sites as they were empty and treeless. This time the owner was there, but refused because she said; “it’s too much trouble for us to do that”.

She (the owner) stated – “you got what you paid for”!  Upon trying to discuss this rationally with the woman (owner) I was told – too bad! - No move.  I tried to further discuss this and told her that I would like a refund as the site wasn’t as promised and I could not stay in it—I would leave the next morning… Her response was – I’m not going to give you a refund because I don’t like your tone of voice.  That statement was irrelevant and inappropriate as up to this point I was conducting myself as a gentleman. I left the office, returned to my coach and left the grounds the following morning.

In my opinion this woman hates anybody who can afford an RV that cost more than hers ($50K so she stated). It was obvious to me that her employee as well as her son is scared to death of her. Obviously this is a case of misrepresentation, but there isn't much one can do short of a law suit to get a refund.

Joe Bottieri

Update: 10/2/2008
You might want to Google this campground by name and read the negative comments posted recently.  It seems the attitude there hasn't changed at all in over eight years.

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