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This page is about our new baby "Kate", a rough-coat Brussels Griffon female.  She was born on October 21st, 2008, and we got her on February 16th, 2009 after her being in the pet store for seven weeks.
So far, she's very happy and healthy and we love her.
Taken July 20th, 2009
January 12, 2010
Last evening Kate while jumping up and down on her hind legs, tore a knee ligament off her right knee. This morning when they x-rayed it they also found that both her hips are deformed from birth and she will eventually have to have hip replacements. I'm just sick about it.  She's barely a year old and already she's in pain.
Sandy will leave for Houston as soon as the surgeon there can fix her knee, probably around a week from now. IN the mean time Kate has to live in a crate to keep her from doing further damage.
On January 19th, Kate had major surgery on here right hip and knee. Sandy and Kate stayed in Houston until she had the stitches out and the vet said she was fine.
January 30th,2010
Sandy will be home today with Kate.  They are only about 4 hours away as I write this.
Kate had a right hip replacement and her right knee rebuilt.  She is doing fine and the Vet said she will have a complete and positive recovery.
 On February 22nd:
Sandy left for Houston again with Kate. Kate wasn't using her new right side hip very much and the vet thought she should have physical therapy. So off she went. On March 3rd, the surgeon replaced Kate's left hip joint and she is now recovering in Houston.  Sandy and Kate will stay there until the surgeon removes the stitches and gives her the o.k. to head back to Florida. After six weeks at home she will have to go back to Houston for evaluation and possibly physical therapy again for a couple of weeks.
On April 26th:
Sandy and Kate left for Houston for Kate's checkup appointment on the 29th.  Kate is doing well and just need some walking to strengthen her muscles again.
May 30, 2010
On Friday the 28th, Sandy was on her way home with Kate (from visiting her daughters) when Kate tore her left rear knee cap.  Sandy turned west on I-10 instead of east, and headed back to Houston to see Kate's surgeon.  She managed to get there before they closed and the vet confirmed that problem.  Kate will go into surgery on Tuesday morning.  Meanwhile, Sandy is sick in bed in the hotel.  She's been sick for three weeks.
 June 12, 2010
Sandy and Kate arrived home Thursday.  Kate's problem with her left leg is with the new hip. Something happened that it popped or slipped out of the correct position and the vet claims there is nothing they can do to fix it. She will always limp somewhat on that leg. She doesn't seem to mind and gets around just fine.  Other than that, all is back to normal and life is good again.
 June 21, 2010
Sandy and Kate leave tomorrow morning by plane for New York to visit a special surgeon there who will fix Kate's displaced artificial hip. We just couldn't leave her limping around with discomfort. Sandy spent over a week doing research to find this specialist who performs hip replacements on small dogs and cats and who is recommended by the hip manufacturer as the best for small animals.  She will be gone for about two weeks and we hope Kate will be fine when she gets home.
 July 1, 2010
Kate had her third hip surgery on June 25th, in New York by the very best and most experienced in the world, specialist in small dog hip replacements. The operation was a success as he replaced the failed rotator cup in her left hip. She now has two artificial hip joints that are working properly. Sandy and Kate will remain in NY (Long Island) until the 11th of July to be sure all is healing well before coming home.
 July 14th, 2010
Sandy and Kate got home Sunday evening July 11th. Kate is doing well, but has to be restrained from running and jumping for about six months to make sure there's enough natural growth around the artificial hip joint. That's no easy task for a 1 1/2 year old dog, especially now that the pain is gone.  Sandy has to be with her most all the time.
September 6th, 2010
Sandy is in NY again with Kate.  Kate tore her knee on the leg that just had the 2nd hip surgery. We knew it was bound to happen, but not so soon. They operated on her knee on Wednesday afternoon and she's now attending physical therapy and recovering in NY until the stitches are removed around the 14th. She'll come home and have to be restricted in her freedoms for a total of 3 months.  The poor dog has been going through this since January, half of her life.  Hopefully, she won't have any more mishaps and this will be the end of medical treatments and the beginning of the rest of her life in good physical condition.
March 2012
We are all back in Florida again - Griffie, Affie, Kate, Sandy and myself. Kate began limping on her L/R leg again so we had her x-rayed in Rockledge, but they found nothing.  The limping got so bad that she was holding her leg up. We drove the RV to Houston in April to have her looked at by the surgeon who did most of the hip and leg work on her.  He found that the staph infection was back and she is on antiboitics for six weeks to see if it goes away.  She will probably require further surgery to that leg to remove the rest of the cement remaining from the hip replacement that went bad.
May 2012
Kate seems to be fine, but needs another x-ray on the 23rd to see if the infection is gone.

The story continues! See the 'current news' page of this web site..
Taken in Indiana on May 24th, 2010

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