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Jazz band commandments


1.  No drum solos longer than one bar, unless the band leader is a world famous drummer. I.e.: Buddy Rich

2.  Smooth jazz without vocals equals elevator music - learn to sing

3.  Play to the audience enjoyment – not to impress

4.  Beginnings and endings are the most important part of a song – make them awesome

5.  Keep it simple and with feeling – making music isn’t a NASCAR event

6.  Feature only one solo instrument per song unless they’re only a few bars each – otherwise solos start sounding the same in every song

7.  Songs should never be longer than five minutes – learn more songs – keep the music fresh – its more fun for both the musician and the listener

8.  Introductions must be kept to a minimum – your there to make music not conversation

9. Play songs that are easily recognized – well known vocals played instrumentally work out well – self written music unless spectacular in both melody and arrangement is not enjoyable

10.  No practicing on stage – keep your instrument silent between songs


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