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This page was last updated on 1/13/2010

Here are some things that interest me.


Changing the present income tax system: Our present Income tax system penalizes those who work for a living and completely overlooks the underground economy (estimated at 25% of the national gross product), and puts the burden of government expenses on the hardworking honest citizen. Those who work for cash (tips, barter, or side jobs) and especially those who generate their income by illegal activities, pay little or no income tax. A NATIONAL SALES TAX is the only way to distribute the cost of government fairly. The more you make and spend the more you pay. There's no need for exceptions other than food, clothing, and medical. Those who make less and buy little would pay less. There's no need for an IRS and it's overpowering bureaucracy. The retail stores would collect the tax. There would be no paperwork or audits or records for the citizens to maintain. All your money would be yours to do with as you like. The average household would have lots more cash to spend or save, and the tax rates could be very low.  Our present system uses the 'Robin Hood' mentality, whereby we steal from the rich, give to the lazy, and the crooks get a free ride.  See editorial page for details

Computers: As you can see, I like playing with computers. Trying to keep you up-to-date on what computer is being used for this site is a lost cause.  I've changed all too often. A new site was built on a new iMac, and quite frankly it isn't any better than a Windows based PC.

Amateur radio: I am an amateur radio operator.  My call sign is: KF4FM  (advanced class license) I'm presently active in zip 32937.

Diesel motor homes:  I love them, especially the bus type like Blue Bird Wanderlodge of the pre-nineties vintage and the newer coaches with the Series 60 engine.  Don't have one right now, 9/19/2007.  You can see photos in my 'Photos' page.

Cars: My first love and the reasons for my success.  (Even though all my teachers told me I was wasting my time with cars.)

Guitars:  Replaced all the guitars and amplifiers that I once sold, but still don't play them.  2005

Organ:  My new musical interest is Hammond B3 organ which I am trying desperately to learn to play (well). 9/19/2007 Also, have Lowrey Palladium

Music:  I sing Karaoke or with my guitar but I don't care for barrooms.  Favorite music to sing is the old standards, Elvis, country, and ballads.  I have a Karaoke setup in my house.  Haven't sung for 8 years. 9/19/2007

Sailing:  Many a fun and wonderful time has been had on and around sailboats.  Maybe I'll do it again someday and try the pond crossing.

People: I'm interested in straightening everybody out.  There's too darn many lazy freeloaders in this world.  Ha! Ha!  Wish me luck on this!


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