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Welcome to the Joe Bottieri web site

Joseph B. Bottieri, inventor, automotive service director, musician, and business consultant is featured in this web site. If you'd like to know about me you've come to the right site.

However, this site is not exclusively about me, but mostly about what I've learned during a life of work and business management that I'd like to share with you. In doing so, perhaps some of the information will assist you in obtaining a better job or happier life. Whatever the case I sincerely hope you benefit from my life's lessons.

That said: My birth place is Webster Massachusetts. That's a little town near the Connecticut and Rhode Island border. The town is known for a lake with the longest (I believe) and strangest name,

Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg

It's an Indian name meaning: "You fish on your side, I'll fish on my side and nobody fish in the middle". The town is also known for it's fabric print mill 'Cranston Print Works' and used to have a huge 'Stevens Linen Mill' located there. In the past Webster was a major producer of shoes, but years ago all the shoe companies went out of business due to foreign imports. Today, Cranston is still there as a major employer. A newer company 'The Commerce Insurance Group', (I believe) is presently the largest employer.

From Webster we moved to Oxford where I attended Junior and Senior high School. During my high school years I trained as a printer and worked at the Times Publishing Co. in Webster. However, I left there immediately after high school and went to live in the city of Worcester. Worcester is where I got into the automobile business as a car washer and polisher and worked my way up to Service Manager of the local Lincoln Mercury dealership, Aaron Heitin L&M. However, my original trade was one of a press operator in the printing business.

During some of my time at Aaron Heitin I was in a local band The Orchids, with Mel Erickson, Dick Lupien, and Bobby Lupien. I played guitar. After leaving that band I went on to play in Boston for a couple of years before leaving the Massachusetts area.

Having battled the cold winters in the automobile business for 10 years I decided Florida had more to offer and moved. After a couple of years working as foreman at Miami Lincoln Mercury and several Dale Carnegie courses to change my attitude, I became Service Manager and stayed there until the job became so easy I got bored and quit.

Leaving MLM to go to a Mercedes-Benz dealer caused me to come up with an invention that was very financially rewarding. It's a device called 'Kleen Wheels'. They keep the visible side of a vehicle's front wheels free of brake dust. In 1979 I started a business marketing that invention and after six years I sold it and retired. You can see what that's all about here.

After five years of retirement I started another business in Tucson (where I was living at the time) at the request of a friend. That business is Au-TOMOTIVE GOLD, Inc. (Au is the scientific symbol for gold.) If you want to know what it's all about check out their web site:
After traveling for a while by RV, I started this business Prevost-Stuff. I ran that web business until I got cancer and was too sick to conduct the everyday chores and sold it.
Another web based business I started and sold when I turned 65 and retired for the last time: Check out Auto Stuff

I never had any children and at this time I'm retired again, live in Florida with a lovely lady Sandy and a wonderful dog Katie-bug. We have another motor home and travel occasionally. Click on the RV Stuff button on the left to view photos and other info about our travels and all the motorhomes I've had since the start of RVing in 1974, and lots of travel photos.

Take a few minutes to view the other sections of this web site to see photos and to read some of my philosophy as well as my mottoes. Don't miss the 'Why-is-it?' page, 'Facts of life' page, and my favorite comics. All are available from the six (6) Sub-DIRECTORY pages to the left marked with a + .

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