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Saturday Dec/16/2017 04:44:18 CST
Thank you for visiting my site. Here you can leave your comments.
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20 Lancelot
Location: Indonesia

Wednesday Dec/06/2017 20:03:19 CST
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Location: indonesia

Wednesday Nov/29/2017 01:08:20 CST
Thanks to all the articles that you serve. I must recommend your website to friends. Good Luck
18 obat patah tulang
Location: Indonesia

Tuesday Nov/28/2017 00:35:02 CST
Your website is very attractive and neat. I expect this website to be more creative and innovative full.
17 Deni Tegar
Location: Indonesia

Friday Nov/24/2017 19:54:41 CST
I was very impressed with you. website you create highly qualified and highly original contents.
16 Joe
http://this one
Location: Florida

Monday Jan/30/2017 07:43:27 CST
Testing the Guestbook. This guestbook was offline for some time.
15 Paula and Michael
Location: Sebastian, FL

Sunday Mar/03/2013 17:38:08 CST
Hey Joe and Sandy,

Enjoyed meeting you at Green Turtle today 3/3/13, and I wanted to thank Sandy for helping me out with the stain on my scarf!

Would love to hear from you regarding motorhome sites that you have recently enjoyed. We're due to leave for the Dakotas this summer with the pups.

Take care, and thank you for sharing your time, and card.

Paula Cooke

Michael Mock
14 tiki_fla

Monday Oct/22/2012 20:05:36 CDT
:-D You guys are awesome!
13 Shirley
Location: north oxford mass

Wednesday May/02/2012 16:05:02 CDT
Hi: I have had a dispute with my aunt about where

Aaron Heitin was in Worcester. I say it was at the end of Park Ave by Immaculate Conception Church. Please tell me I am correct. I also took the Dale Carnegie course in Wisconsin, I was never afraid to speak in public again. My boss paid for the course and I was very grateful that I had the opportunity.

Have a great day. Shirley
12 kristine
Location: Colorado

Saturday Sep/25/2010 22:36:46 CDT
I really enjoyed reading your article on your brussel griffon. I also have a griffon. He turned 4 yesterday. My lil guy has had a tough time also since day one. I went to Kansas City to purchase through a breeder, hoping to avoid any common ailments found in petstore. At six months he started having seizures. We did blood tests and etc, but never found a cause. He is classified as an "epileptic dog". Phenobartitol works to some extent. I was able to research and start adding vitamin B and mag to his diet to control the seizures for a max of 30 days. He is also taking milk thistle to prevent the liver damage from phenobarbitol. Now his stomach is distended, and he yelps when we pick him up or when he goes upstairs. Vet says his patellas are worn & arthritis. Blood work turns out fine but xrays shows something they cannot tell what. So on to ultrasound. I was inspired that your griffie is doing so well after so many surgeries. Thanks for sharing!
11 mike ovens
Location: palm bay, ffl

Monday May/17/2010 17:17:16 CDT

Hi Joe!

Michele and I were thinking of you so I thought I'd say "Hi".

Hope you are well

Mike annd Michele
10 Michael j ovens

Thursday Mar/18/2010 14:55:14 CDT
Hey Joe!

Thank you for inviting Michele and I Tuesday.

We had a blast!

See you soon!

Mike & Michele
9 Doug Grover
Location: Melbourne

Monday Jan/25/2010 07:17:37 CST
Hi Joe,

Thanks so much for your hospitality on Saturday when we rehearsed at your Man Cave. Great place.

Doug (The Drummer)
8 chuck clark

Monday Jan/11/2010 04:42:02 CST
Hi Joe...I tried submitting a note before, no luck, and didn't feel like writing the whole thing again...anyway...Happy 2010

Chuck and Diane Clark

McKinleyville, CA

Redwoods and Pacific Coast
7 Marc Hurley
Location: Leicester, MA

Friday Sep/25/2009 23:27:45 CDT
Hi, I was a friend of your dad and I'm sorry to see that he passed away. He was a great guy to have as a neighbor and he always treated my boys really good.
6 Lindy & Gordon Ransom
Location: Beijing, China

Thursday Aug/20/2009 08:52:00 CDT
Hey Joe! Just surfing and saw your site, fantastic! We're in Beijing, China. Have one more year to go. Come visit us! Hope you, Sandy, and the boys are doing great! Lindy and Gordon.
5 Joe
Location: Florida

Sunday May/17/2009 14:09:27 CDT
Checking the Guest Book function
4 Linda
Location: Tucson

Thursday Dec/25/2008 14:45:00 CST
:-D Hi, Merry Christmas. I especially liked the input regarding the 10 commandments for pets.
3 Jenette Stad
Location: Penna.

Tuesday Oct/21/2008 08:00:46 CDT
I'm on your website due to the fact that my computer teacher is using it as an example. I'm unsure of what point he is trying to make... I'm not listening. Your website sucks by the way... :P)
2 Linda
Location: Tucson, AZ

Tuesday Sep/09/2008 12:16:36 CDT
:-D great photos, great input. Very interesting website containing subjects of varying interests.
1 Joe Bottieri

Thursday Sep/04/2008 17:33:27 CDT
This posting is for testing the system. =0


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