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"Griffie" (Registered name: Hercule Poirot)

Breed: Rough-coat Brussels Griffon (most are tan)

December 31st, 2001 - July 9th, 2012

Griffie has had a life of medical problems.  Some we've been able to have corrected and some not!  See the story below! The poor little guy just can't seem to get a break in life.

When he came home end of February 2002

Griffie came from a breeder in Texas.  Sandy located him there and flew out to pick him up.  He was such a cute little bundle of fur!  He grew fast and was a very happy puppy.  He loved to ride in the car and still does. We get just a block from the house and he's asleep.


About 3 months old, Indian Harbour Beach Condo (Note the big feet)

About 3 to 4 months old, Indialantic town home


Summer of 2002 Indialantic town home

He loved that big ball and tried his hardest to get his mouth around it. He still has that ball and can pick it up in his mouth.


Summer of 2002 Indialantic town home


Sandy's mom with Griffie in TN, summer of 2002



Late summer of 2002 Indialantic town home

At about 1 year old: We moved to a condo on the beach and that's where Griffie first showed he had rear leg problems.  He was running chasing a ball and hurt his rear leg when he spun around on the carpeting.  He limped for a few minutes, but then seemed o.k.

At about 1 1/2 years old at our current home, he was playing and spun around on his hind legs and popped a hip out of joint. The local vet was able to put him under and pop it back in place.

Around the same time he developed a skin condition that no vet here or specialist in Orlando could resolve.  We spend a lot of time and money trying to give him relief without success. He itched constantly!

The same summer he ran into a window blind and put a dent in one of his eyes.  We rushed him to a specialist in Orlando who prescribed some eye medication that eventually corrected the damage.

During the follow up on the earlier hip dislocation, the x-ray showed he had Arthritis in both hip joints and would probably need hip replacements at some point.

At about 3 years old, Indian Harbour Beach

At about 4 years of age his x-ray showed that his hips were deteriorating rapidly and he needed the right hip replaced right away. Sandy finally found the most qualified surgeon to perform the operation. He was located in Houston, so after making an appointment Sandy drove from Jackson TN to Houston, only to find that they wouldn't do the surgery with the skin blisters for fear of infection.  Fortunately, the clinic there is the best and they have a dermatologist vet there.  She looked at Griffie and prescribed some anti-biotic that cleared his skin in about two weeks. (Mind you that all the other vets did the same only they never kept him on it long enough each time.)  After a couple of months in August 2006 we took Griffie back to Houston for the right hip replacement.  Two months later he as a completely new dog running around the yard like a puppy - no pain and no itchy rash!

However, follow up x-rays showed that his left hip was rapidly deteriorating and needed replacement.  We were planning to do that in September - in Houston. but with the knee injury it will have to wait.

November 2006 taken in TN at 43 Abbey Place.

August 2007, Griffie was on the patio jumping up and down on his hind legs trying to get a squirrel that was on the roof of the screened patio.  He fell and tore his right rear knee cap - the leg with the artificial hip.  Bad advice from the local vet this time caused him to do further damage when he slipped and fell in the house while running.  Back to Houston to have knee surgery, but the left hip would have to wait.

Now Griffie has a weak knee on the leg with the good hip and a bad hip on the other leg, and because he had to get off his antibiotic for about a month he now has a rash again, which we hope will go away soon.

While in Houston for the knee surgery they found that his Lipids are way too high.  Sandy stayed in Houston with Griffie for over three weeks while they tried to figure out what was causing his blood fat (cholesterol) to be so high. After three weeks they sent him home without an answer.  He has to go back in November for further checks. Gulf Coast Vet Clinic is just about the finest in the country with some of the best specialists in the field.  They are baffled and hope that having him home for a while might change what's causing the problem.  At this time he's somewhat docile as he hurts his knee easily, is itchy all the time, and doesn't seem to feel well.

October 8th, 2007: Griffie had his cholesterol tested today and it's down 140 points (over a three week period).  That's good news as we can expect that it will drop further in the next three weeks, and hopefully back to normal.  He has new medication for his rash and something to keep it from itching.  He is playful and doing some running in the house.  It looks like he'll return to normal soon.

Here's a photo of Griffie taken on October 8th, 2007 after having a bath and his head shaved.  Note the rash and hair missing on his left hip where he pulled it out.

October 13th, 2007: The itching seems to be subsiding and the rash is going away.  His leg seems to be fine although somewhat sensitive at time as he limps a little occasionally, but that could be his left hip that has Arthritis pretty bad at the joint.  He's now running and playing normally.

February 29, 2008: Griffie had the stem-cell procedure on his left hip this week.  Monday they removed some fat from his groin area and Thursday they injected the processed cells into his hip.  He's limping since the injections, but gradually getting over the soreness.  He and the process will be evaluated at the 30, 60, and 90 day points to see if it's working to correct his arthritis.  He's doing fine, but the challenge is to keep him from licking the incision area and chewing out the stitches.

March 27th, 2008: Griffie had to have surgery again. There was a bump growing on the side of his nose we had removed and sent for a biopsy. The vet who did the stem-cell procedure took a scraping and was supposed to send it for a biopsy a month ago didn't send it out and the bump was getting larger since.

September 2nd, 2008: Griffie had surgery on his nose again. This time there is a bump growing across the top front section.  They will do a biopsy again to evauate the difference between the first bump and this one to try and determine what's causing them.
September 8th, 2008: The initial report is that the bumps is not cancerous, but the other test results aren't completed yet.
September 12th, 2008: Final report is in on the tests and the vet wants to see Griffie and Affie on Monday the 15th.  It seems there is an allergy causing the problems and Affie may have the same condition only milder.
March 11th, 2009, Griffie had another Stem-Cell procedure to his left hip.  He seems to be doing o.k. but it’s not a cure for his Arthritis there.  He seldom runs and plays anymore, as the Arthritis has moved into his spine now so he probably is uncomfortable most of the time.

His anal glands keep getting impacted. He may have to have surgery to have them removed. This has been a problem most of his life, but has now gotten serious.
December 8th, 2009
Griffie will be 8 years old on the 31st of this month.
About a month or so ago, I found some vitamins patented by Dr. Carol Osborn.  (Made in the USA) After giving them to Griffie for less than two weeks we saw a major change in his demeanor.  He became playful again and full of life.
Now let me say, we cook for our dogs - nothing but the best. In fact they eat better than I do.  We've given them vitamins daily as well as other additives to the home cooked food to be sure they got proper nourishment.  No fillers - no junk like corn or grains!  Just good vegtables and lean meat and skinless boneless chicken breasts.
Griffie has had a lot of problems all his life.  If you read this page you'll see.
Today he can get up on his hind legs and run and play like puppy.  His bowels are normal and he seems very happy.  
I don't know what the was lacking in his previous vitamins or what was missing in his food that he needed, but I have to tell you - these Paaws vitamins by Dr. Carol Osbourn have given this previously sad dog, that obviously never felt good - new life.
May 4th, 2010 Griffie had an endoscopy exam of his stomach and upper intestine.
He had been throwing up occasionally in the morning - yellow bile with blood. Griffie has a bleeding ulcer and more.  He's undergoing treatment currently and hopefully he'll be fine.  Fine as Griffie can be.
May 20th, 2010: Griffie seems to be doing fine gastronomically. 
May 22. 2010: Griffie is limping again the results of Fungus and Yeast growing on his feet.  The result of antibiotics again from the stomach exam. Back to the Vet who put him on anti-fungal pills.
May 24th, 2010: The limping is about gone and his feet look better already.
November 2011: Griffie hasn't been doing very well the past few months.  He doesn't want to eat or play and has been having seizures at night.  He lays by the door looking out and barking when someone goes by.
I had the idea that maybe if he got his old treat ball with a recorded message from me that maybe he would get off his butt and walk around chasing it. When it arrived and he heard my voice he became like a puppy again. He played and played with it even though it had no treats in it. He just wanted to hear my voice.  So, for the past two weeks I've been talking to him over the phone and he come back to life. He's been running and playing and eating well.
November 29th 2011: He was running and having so much fun that he fell and popped his hip out of joint.  The vets were not able to put it back to stay that evening, so on the 30th he had a FHO. The removal of the ball on his leg bone. So now he has no hip joint on one side. If you know his history, he already has an artificial hip on the other side.  (Arthritis)
He will recover and learn to work with the handicap just like his sister does. Kate has the exact same conditions on both hips.
Griffie has had an awful lot of medical problems since a pup.  We hope the rest of his life will be easier on him.
February 2010

Griffie is back in Florida. His skin was a mess and he is extremely thin.

May 2012:
Griffie gained 3.5 pounds and looks a lot better since arriving back in Florida.  His skin has cleared up and he's been trying to play and run, but he is failing.  His stomach is swollen to the point that his rib cage is pushed way out and he has a hard time breathing.  His saliva glands and lymph nods in his neck are very swollen. We took him for a full ultra sound and he is in pretty bad shape with liver, heart and spleen problems. However, they don't know what is really wrong causing the problems and therefore can't treat him.  We don't feel that he is healthy enough for treatment of cancer if that's what it is.
Griffie has had medical problems most of his life and I believe its because he was over medicated by Aloha Bird and Pet Hospital vets.  We believe that his immune system was weakened by too much unnecessary medication.
May 15th 2012:
Griffie went to our regular vet for further evaluation and interruption of the ultrasound. He obviously isn't feeling well and he isn't eating much anymore. The vet thinks its time to let Griffie cross the rainbow bridge before he gets to the point of major suffering due to some sort of internal failure. 
May 17th, 2012:
Griffie was supposed to be euthanized at 3 pm today, but he regained his physical being and lives a while longer.  He has been near death several times during his short life and has always recovered to live on.
Taken in Tucson circa February 2012
July 9th, 2012
Griffie was euthanized today at 5 pm. He has been very sick internally for a long time and we've done everything possible to keep him alive.  Sometimes you couldn't tell he was sick as he tried to be young and play, but he was and lately we couldn't get him to eat anything that was good for him.  He was withering away and would surely die of self-starvation.
I, and Sandy too, love him like a human son. This is a sad day of us.
To Griffie:  Thank you for all the love and pleasure you gave me for over ten years.  You have shown me what true unconditional love is. I tried to be the best pet dad a dog could ever hope for. 
Griffie I love you so very much,

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