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The other day a woman in a pet food store was bragging how she gives her dog one cup of dry food once a day.  She has a large breed dog.  I guess she’s happy that she’s slowly starving her dog to death.  Fortunately, the clerk ask her to read the package – that she has a large breed dog and that one cup of food a day is not enough.  Well it’s a good thing this story came to me from Sandy because if I had standing there she wouldn’t have enjoyed my lecture (on what an irresponsible idiot she is).

O.K., lets talk about how to feed a dog.  For some reason many people think a dog should only eat once a day.  Dogs have the same internal system we have. Would it be good if you ate only once a day? Of course not! Several meals a day is much better for our digestive system and dogs too.

We used to feed our dogs two meals a day (home cooked human food made especially for them) and several small snacks during the day. They always get a small snack before going to bed, but Griffie used to vomit frequently in the morning (yellow bile). At night he’d beg for more snacks and I thought it was just that he liked them. Fact is; he knew he needed them to keep the stomach acid from giving him acid reflux by morning. So I added a small meal of his regular food about 30 minutes before he went to bed and the vomiting stopped.  He also stopped begging for more snacks at bedtime. He was happy with the one. The lesson here is twofold: pay attention to your dog and his/her actions – they don’t always beg just because you have something that might smell good.  And, feed your dog three meals a day or more just like you eat.

Under no conditions give your pet table scraps. If it isn’t good enough for you to eat it, it isn’t good for them. Remember they have the same system as we have and believe me they get high cholesterol easily and it is just as harmful to them as it is to humans.

Griffie, while getting blood work prior to his last operation had a cholesterol reading of over 475.  How did it get that high?  After many tests, they couldn’t find the problem.  Well, we found it!  So, I took Affie over for the same test and his cholesterol was almost that high too. It didn’t take long to figure out the problem.  A sausage patty in the every morning, some Kentucky Fried here and there, butter on a small piece of toast, ice cream, steak trimmings and so on.   We were killing both of them thinking we were being nice to them.  Thirty days off the bad food and their cholesterol came down to normal. (Mine too!)

Feed your pets good human grade HEALTY food.  Our dogs eat home cooked boneless skinless white meat chicken and vegetables along with a Pet Tabs vitamin every day.  In the food when I mix it together, I add pure olive oil and Welactin Omega 3.  If you want the recipe please email me:

If your pet has been on antibiotics he/she probably has intestine discomfort as the antibiotic kills off the necessary bacteria required for normal digestion.  If the defication doesn't look normal or if it contains mucas, there is a problem.   Buy "Probiacin probiotic" and give it to the animal for at least a week and until the poop is normal. I recommend this brand because I have experience with some that don't work. Probiacin works!

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