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 Here's my definition of some important words as they relate to social behavior.

bullet Attitude (good) - the key to success in anything.
bullet Affirmative action - an attempt to get equal outcome without the effort.
bullet Common sense - the result of thinking.

Income Tax - a penalty for working. The harder you work the bigger the penalty

bullet Laziness - the art of avoiding things that you should do, but don't like doing.
bullet Loser - a lazy person with an excuse for everything.
bullet Luck - the result of hard work.
bullet Rudeness - the art of always putting yourself first.
bullet Silence - the noise that people who talk too much can't stand.
bullet Smart - having common sense.
bullet Success  - the result of hard work with a good attitude.
bullet Tardiness - the art of showing another person you don't give a crap about their time.
bullet Winner - a person without excuses.

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