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How dogs can get cancer they normally wouldn’t have gotten


Your pet cleans his/her feet by licking and ingesting whatever is on them

1. Household chemicals: washing your floors with detergents, soap or any commercially bought chemicals could eventually give your pet cancer.  
All of those products contain carcinogens.

THE ABSOLUTE WORSE AND MOST DANGEROUS are those that leave a coating of chemicals that are not rinsed away. I know the manufactures state that their products are safe, but constant ingestion of any chemical not for consumption can and will cause health problems in your pet. Remember, their only interest is to sell product,and who knows where these companies get their products made.  We've all heard the horror stories about China pet food ingredients, poison tooth past and poison baby food that killed.

The safest way to clean anything your pet, yourself and your children come in contact with is STEAM. It’s safe for everybody and the environment and it’s extremely inexpensive.  Plain water works in many cleaning situations.
Think about it: every time you spray a cleaner on a horizontal surface the overspray drops to the floor. It dosen't all end up on the wall,  window, mirror or whatever.  Some of it always drops to the floor.

2. The same kinds of problems exist outside. Lawn and shrub fertilizer as well as insect control chemicals contain carcinogens. Your pet picks them up and then licks them off his feet.  Keep pets away from yard chemicals.

3. Weed killers also contain carcinogens and the really bad thing about this one is for some reason it attracts dogs to stick their nose in it and then lay down and rub in it. The other day driving down the street I saw a dog just rolling around in the grass while his owner was busy talking with someone. Right there less than five feet away was a small temporary sign notifying people that the yard had just been sprayed with chemicals.  Good god people – PAY ATTENTION – protect you pet – they don’t know any better!  They depend on you to look out for them.

4. Keep your pets off and out of areas you don’t control.  Walking your pet and letting him/her walk on private or public grass is asking for trouble. If you take your dog to a dog park, find out if it’s totally safe and chemical free.

Look out for your pet. Love and protect him/her from harm. They don’t know about these things that can hurt them any more that a very young child would. They are children of sorts for their entire life. Help them live long and healthy. Do everything you can to keep them safe from cancer causing chemicals. If you do you will have keep them from a painful premature death.

Finally, as you can see I love and care for animals. It just tears me up inside when I hear stories about dogs having cancer and having to be put to death. Most of it can and should be prevented.
I wrote the above this morning. This afternoon I went to the feed store to get my dogs some of their favorite biscuits. "Canidae" Snap Biscuits!You have to go to a feed store if you want to buy the best animal foods.
While standing at the counter waiting to pay (the owner was talking with some customers), I overherad the conversation about fleas and the store owner's suggestions on how to get rid of them.
He stated that the area must be treated daily for several weeks. "Spray everything including the yard every day." First of all he's wrong, but this story isn't about how to get rid of fleas.
When he came back to the counter, I said "of course the dogs should be kept off the treated area so they won't pick up the chemicals on their feet and ingest those chemicals as they could get cancer from them". His comment: "six of one half dozen of the other - fleas or whatever".  Needless to say I have no respect for him.  Thought he was a nice person who cared about animals. Guess I was wrong! What a jerk!

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