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Breed: Affenpinscher (most are black)

April 15th, 2004 - September 30, 2013

Taken August 15th, 2004 when we brought him home.

Affie was in the local pet store in the mall and had been there for two months (through the first hurricane that hit this area in 2004).  Sandy dragged me in there to see a dog she'd been there to visit before.  This dog was so happy to be out of the crate and in the little play cubical with Sandy it was amazing. I was standing on the other side of the short wall and this little dog just wanted me.  I reached into the area for him to snif my hand and it was love for both of us.  He was so enthusiastic to be near me that I just couldn't let them put him back in his cage.  I paid for him and took him home and I've never been sorry.  He still loves me and follows me everywhere I go in the house or outside.  He has to be near me all the time. I'm his pops and I love it!

When we walked out of the store with Affie he was awe-struck.  He hadn't seen anything outside the store before.  He was very nervous and you can't blame him.  Here he is in the arms of a stranger entering a monster of a world he'd never seen.  Poor little guy probably thought he was going to die. Outside the mall entrance is a large patch of grass so Sandy put him on the grass to tinkle.  He'd never been on grass and was scared to death.

When we got home and brought him into the house he didn't know what to do when Griffie (almost 2) came over to sniff the new guy.  It was very cute. Griffie was pleasant, but avoided him for a few days.  I can imaging what Griffie was thinking after having us to himself for almost two years.

Anyway, Griffie finally accepted Affie as long as Griffie remained the boss. Soon they became great friends and a bond developed into a brotherhood. They're very close now and if one is gone out of the house the other mopes around looking and waiting for their brother to come home.  


About 6 months old, Indian Harbour Beach


About 6 or 7 months old, Indian Harbour Beach


A little over a year old, Indian Harbour Beach



Taken 11-21-2006 in Jackson TN

December 1, 2011: Affie has always been considered out bullet-proof dog as he hasn't had many problems at all. However, about two weeks ago we had his hips x-rayed as he was limping a little.  He has arthritis on both hips.
Affie has bladder stones, but they are small and hopefully they will pass.
February 15th, 2012

On January 7th Affie and I went out to Houston so he could have a hip replacement.  Over the previous few months it became obvious that he had very serious arthritis in his left hip. On January 10th he had his surgery and we headed home the following Friday. We were in the RV.

After five weeks of recovery (penned up and on a leash), he had x-rays on the 14th of February and his operation seems to be fine.  He can now begin rehab of walking twice a day progressively increasing the distance over the next 30 days.
May 2012
Affie is going blind from a hereditary eye problem that cannot be corrected or stopped.  He is about half way blind now.
Taken September 26th, 2013
September 30, 2013
Affie is gone today to meet with Griffie. He got so sick and confused lately that it was the humane thing to do.  I loved him more than anyone could imagine and he loved me the same. I am so sorry for him that he got screwed in life by poor breeding.  We did everything we could to help him and would have continued if there was anything that could be done.
To Affie: Thank you for loving me unconditionally. I tried to give you the absolutely best life any dog ever knew and you gave me an experience of love and devotion I will never forget. You will be in my mind and heart as long as I live. I think of you all the time and hope we will be together again, forever.
I love you Affie and miss you with all my heart.

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