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Always broke? - why aren't you earning more?
A Short Story - donated by Jay Peskoe
Bad attitude - is this yours?
Back home fall 99 - short story
Good attitude - here's the fix.
Comics - my favorite comics.
Dictionary - Joe's version!
Doing it Right - there's more than one way
Driving - think you're courteous
Education - what's wrong with their thinking?
Enthusiasm - It's what you need and why!
Equal opportunity - A little discussion.
Facts of life - simple but true. 
Family tree- I'm working on it(send info and photos)
Foreign aid - We're getting screwed.
Italian American History - Some interesting facts
Joe's Interests - some subjects, hobbies, etc.
Joe's Attitude - my thoughts on life
January1999 - adventures
K-9 grass - see photo section
Liar? - Do you lie?
Know-it-all - another 'bad attitude' case
Manners - just a few you should know.
Mottoes - thoughts to live by
Peeves -  things that irritate me
Relationships - some provocative thoughts.
Religion - unanswered questions, why I can't believe.
Self-centered - Are you inconsiderate and selfish?
Starbucks - my favorite Starbucks
Time - how to recognize it's value.
You're in trouble -  improve your social importance.
Why is it? - 'Murphy's Law' or stupidity, it's your call.
Woman shoppers - just an observation!
Work & business - my simple secrets to success.

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